Master Trainer Blows The Lid Off
The Fat Loss Industry And Reveals
The Shocking Reasons Why Most
People Can’t Lose That Last
10-20 lbs Of Ugly Belly Fat…

And How YOU Can Lose Yours With
Ease And Finally Unveil Your Six Pack!

By John Alvino – Fat Loss Expert , Master Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Coach

reason1Performing Ab Exercises Such as Crunches, Sit-ups and Leg Raises.
These are among the LEAST effective exercises for getting six pack abs. In fact, most traditional abdominal exercises do your abs more harm than good.

In just a second, I'll share with you what types of exercises REALLY work to sculpt your midsection.

Reason2 Eating “Health” Foods. Everywhere you look, the diet food industry has literally stocked the shelves with their “low-carb” and “low-fat” diet foods. But these so-called “health foods” are actually nothing more than cleverly marketed junk foods.

Many of these supposedly healthy foods actually CAUSE your body to gain even more belly fat…but the industry won’t tell you that fact. Instead, they will continue to lie to you so they can make millions at your expense.

Reason3 Doing Cardio Routines. Cardio is definitely NOT the best way to lose belly fat and reveal your six pack abs. Most people who make this mistake end up hitting plateaus they can never overcome. Below, I'll show you totally unique workouts that will burn 300% more fat than any cardio workout ever could!

Reason4 Dieting. That’s right, you heard me! The truth is, 95% of all dieters fail in the long run. If people really knew how to eat properly to lose fat, we would all look great, and diets would cease to exist completely. In just a moment, I'll show you the nutritional key to effortlessly losing even the most stubborn belly fat.

Reason5 Using Traditional Weight Training Programs. Contrary to what most trainers recommend, the majority of weight training exercises do nothing to burn belly fat and sculpt out a six pack. That’s why so many weight-lifters have big muscles and a big belly to go with them!

If you really want a fit and trim midsection, read on to learn dozens of unique and effective exercises that will sculpt your abs and your entire body in ways that traditional weight training never could.

Now You Know What Doesn't Work. On The Next Page,
I'll Show You What DOES Work For Losing Stubborn
Belly Fat And Getting A Sculpted Midsection.

blown away

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